27th BAK advanced training course 2022

From 5 to 9 September 2022, the 27th BAK advanced training course on "Preventing and combating corruption" took place at Stegersbach.

After a two-year break due to the pandemic, the BAK advanced training courses restarted with 25 participants from various fields of activity in the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

Beginning with a lecture on the topic of "Corruption and its manifestations" and a presentation of the Federal Bureau of Anti-Corruption, the course covered a wide range of subjects, from the basics of corruption and white-collar crime law to essential provisions of civil service and disciplinary law to compliance in the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

In the process, the course participants were able to contribute their individual perspectives, experiences and insights into corruption and to deal with the issue in depth in group discussions.

In the further training, the participants were given first insights into the operational investigative activities of the BAK on the basis of a fictitious example of a case, as well as an overview of international cooperation in preventing and combating corruption. In addition, there was the opportunity for self-reflection on one's own values within the framework of an interactive case study.

In the course of the training week, the participants gained extensive knowledge on the topic of "Preventing and combating corruption", which should also lay the foundation for further engagement and sustainable awareness-raising related to the issue.

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