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20.04.2017, 16:22 Uhr


Representatives of Europol visited the BAK

On 11 April 2017, representatives of Europol from the fields of financial investigation and asset recovery as well as an employee of the MoI’s department "EU Affairs” visited the BAK.

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14.04.2017, 10:10 Uhr


EPAC/EACN Handbook for the Evaluation of Police Oversight Bodies

After about a year of work, approx. 30 representatives of authorities of the networks European Partners against Corruption (EPAC) and European contact-point network against corruption (EACN) approved a handbook for police oversight bodies (POB) in Luxembourg on 6 April 2017. The handbook, which comprises a comprehensive questionnaire, should serve the self-evaluation of these institutions.

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14.04.2017, 09:42 Uhr


"Taking Integrity to Higher Standards" – the OECD Integrity Forum 2017

On 29 and 30 March 2017, the Head of the BAK’s Department of Prevention, Education and International Cooperation and a second member of this department participated as representatives of the BAK at two OECD events in Paris.

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14.03.2017, 11:30 Uhr


UNODC’s Initiative "E4J” – Expert Group Meetings: Primary & Secondary Education

Members of the BAK’s Unit "Prevention and Basic Research” participated in two Expert Group Meetings on the topic "Crime Prevention in the Field of Education”, which took place in the framework of UNODC’s initiative "Education for Justice (E4J)” at the Vienna International Centre (VIC) from 8 to 10 and 13 to 15 February 2017.

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14.03.2017, 07:19 Uhr


FRONTEX training

As part of the basic training of Frontex, which took place for one week each in the months of November 2016 as well as January and February 2017, the Austrian Federal Bureau of Anti-Corruption (BAK) held a total of three anti-corruption training courses for about 70 participants.

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